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1st Trimester Abortion

Women seeking abortion services in the first trimester will find a competent and caring staff during their visit to ACWC.

Upon admission you will have an ultrasound to determine the length of your pregnancy. The ultrasound is vital to insure the accuracy of the pregnancy termination procedure. After ultrasound you will have laboratory screening and RH blood typing. Blood typing is required to determine if your blood type is positive or negative. Rh negative women may be required to receive an injection of Rhogam.

The physician will perform a first trimester surgical procedure from 5 to 14.0 weeks by the vacuum aspiration method. The procedure involves the gradual opening of the cervix, followed by the insertion of a thin flexible tube attached to a vacuum aspirator which gently removes the contents of the uterus. The entire procedure will take 2-8 minutes and is performed by a physician experienced in abortion medicine.

Patients will be sedated with given medications to and given and give pain medication to minimize discomfort during and after the procedure. A clinical staff member will be at your side supporting you throughout the procedure which takes about 2-8 minutes.

When your procedure is completed you will be escorted to our post-operative area until you are medically stable and ready to leave with your support driver. You will be given a package which will contain your discharge instructions and medications when indicated. Your post-operative check-up can be done here at ACWC.

Why is the Rhogam Given?

If an Rh negative woman is pregnant with an RH positive fetus, her body will produce antibodies against the fetus’s blood causing a disease known as Rh Disease. Rh immune globulin (Rhogam) is a vaccine that (should)/ (must) be given to a woman after an abortion, miscarriage, or pre-natal tests in order to prevent Rh Disease.

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All patients who choose the Atlanta Center for Women's Choice find aresponsive and caring atmosphere that is respectful, compassionate, andnon-judgmental.

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Contact Us Today for more information, you can also beginmaking your appointment (link to make an appointment) at this time aswell. If you begin making your appointment now be sure to read Georgia's Women's Right to Know Act ( http://health.state.ga.us/wrtk/ ). All women having an abortion in the State of Georgia must be giventhis information at least 24 hours prior to having her procedure