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Local: 404.602.4495
1874 Piedmont Road, Suite 580E 2nd Floor Bldg. E
Atlanta, GA 30324-4975

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Saturday Medical Abortions Appointments Available

Women's Wellness Clinic in Atlanta, Ga Specializing in Low Cost Medical Abortion

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." - Harvey Fierstein

We are a private doctor’s office offering medical abortions, surgical abortions with General Anesthesia. We offer Saturday appointments, low fees including discounts for Students, Medicaid recipients, and Military personnel. As a 30 year member of the National Abortion Federation we can provide Funding Services for those women in need regardless of discounted status. Our office is in a convenient location to women in Metro Atlanta because of our central Midtown location.

Atlanta Center for Women's Choice is committed to providing the best care to you in the least amount of time possible, because we are a private Doctor’s office we pledge to provide you with exceptional medical care in a respectful and caring atmosphere whether you chose a medical or surgical abortion—at a lower cost.

Atlanta Center for Women's Choice offers appointments on Wednesday-Friday & Saturday for all procedures. Our location is convenient within a private office park. We are close if you live in Metro Atlanta and all surrounding areas.

If you chose a surgical abortion, Atlanta Center for Women's Choice offers General as well as Local Anesthesia to meet your personal individual needs.

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Our Medical Abortion Center located in Midtown Atlanta

specializing in low cost medical abortions
Our location is convenient within a private office park. We are close if you live in Metro Atlanta and all surrounding areas.

Atlanta Center for Women's Choice has the lowest cost Medical Abortion in Atlanta. A  Medical Abortion is a non-surgical termination of your pregnancy which can be done between 5 weeks and 10 weeks per the standard of the National Abortion Federation. Our medical abortion program is one of the most affordable in the Metro Atlanta Area.

Atlanta Center for Women's Choice is founded on the proposition that all women have the right to determine the best approach to their reproductive health without judgment or criticism, knowing that the care they receive is safe, private, and performed by competent and experienced medical professionals.

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Local: 404.602.4495


All patients who choose the Atlanta Center for Women's Choice find a responsive and caring atmosphere that is respectful, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

ACWC offers reduced fees for Medicaid Recipients, Full Time Students, US Military patients and family members.

  • Fee’s will be discussed when you schedule your appointment, in some cases additional fees may be required based on medical history.
  • ACWC is located in a Private office complex with plenty of free parking. Protester’s-no worries.

Contact Us Today for more information, you can also begin making your appointment (link to make an appointment) at this time as well. If you begin making your appointment now be sure to read Georgia's Women's Right to Know Act ( http://health.state.ga.us/wrtk/ ) . All women having an abortion in the State of Georgia must be given this information at least 24 hours prior to having her procedure